Primary Science Courses

We deliver a range of courses under our own name and on behalf of the Science Learning Centre South East.

Mission Impossible

Are lacking confidence in teaching the physical sciences at KS2? Do you want ideas to make your science lessons more engaging?

'Mission Impossible' has been evaluated as 'inspirational' and 'outstanding' by many primary teachers. We'll run a full day of problem solving activities for your whole staff that will enhance knowledge in Sc3 & Sc4, provide a fail-safe method of engaging children and be enjoyable. This is a great way to incorporate team building and professional development in an INSET day! Primary teachers work together to solve problems and enhance their understanding of the physical sciences.

Using Web 2 in Science

Do you know what Web 2 applications are? Firstly, they are free! Secondly, they are engaging, motivating and great tools for pupils to demonstrate their learning. Finally, they encourage collaboration and facilitate assessment for learning by teachers. This course introduces you to a range of Web 2 applications. We show how they can benefit science (they are valuable right across the curriculum of course)and give you the chance to use them.

For the Science Learning Centre South East

Scientific Enquiry

Primary teachers still worry about attainment target 1. How many investigations should they do? Are they pitched at the right level? How should the skills be taught? In this session procedures are demonstrated that support children’s learning and ideas for engaging investigation are shared.

Assessment for Learning

AfL has been around for years but is still not embedded in many schools. With the advent of APP, it is essential that AfL is well grounded. Of course the principles of formative assessment are generic so this course is valuable to all subjects but the science setting and activities make it particularly engaging.

Creative Cross-Curricular Science

Are you cross-curricular or thinking of going that way? Have you confident that all the essential science is covered and progression retained. Of course, cross-curricular doesn’t necessarily indicate creativity! Find out how you can add that elusive ingredient.

Science and Technology

As the primary curriculum faces change it is likely that schools will seek to link science and design technology more strongly. Brush up on the new proposals for these areas and try some activities that will bring them together.

Further details

Each course can be delivered to your entire staff in half a day or a twilight session. Alternatively pick two units for a full INSET day.

Apply through the Science Learning Centre South East.

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