Primary Science & Maths Workshops

We offer a range of workshops for KS1 and KS2 that can be as short as 40 minutes or take the whole day.

Mission Impossible

A full day of intriguing, problem solving activities. Terrorists have booby trapped a nuclear power station - you (the secret agent) are our only hope! A PowerPoint presentation drives the day setting a series of challenges. Each involves a different topic from the primary science curriculum. Hopefully students save the world world from nuclear disaster!

Key Quest

A full day of maths activities - and children love it! Travel through a mystical world where your journey is beset with challenges. Solve the challenges (all of them mathematical) to find the key that unlocks the treasure.

Lost in Space

You are on the moon and things have gone badly wrong! Solve a series of challenges to make the mission a success and ultimately get yourself back to Earth.

Shorter Workshops

We can offer workshops on micro-organisms, rocketry, power generation, basic electricity, smart materials, solar power, etc. In fact you name the topic and we can probably cover it!

Above - a Year 6 pupil is fascinated by the world's simplest electric motor that she has made.

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