The Test Tube

Do some exciting science at home!

Many children love science! They absorb all that is given to them at school and still want more. Similarly many parents are eager to give their children enrichment activities but aren't sure what to do.

The Test Tube is an exciting science community that meets the needs of these parents and children.

Members of The Test Tube receive an investigative science kit through the post each month. So, investigate, experiment, explore at home. Use our exciting science kits to enhance what is being taught at school. Learn together and build up your own laboratory of equipment.

The Subscription

For just £9.75 per month, paid by standing order from your bank, you can become a member of The Test Tube. In the 12 months of your membership you will receive:

A science kit posted to you each month

A weekly electronic magazine (or 'ezine') emailed to you personally. This contains news, activities, jokes and amazing science facts

Access to The Test Tube password-protected website with instructions for the kits and a forum for members to ask questions, report on their experiments and share results

A 13th kit, free of charge, when your membership is completed

Guidance notes for parents and extension activities for older members

Want more information?

For FAQs and details of the kits click here. You can also see a sample of the on-line instructions we provide. The main part of the website is maintained as a secure environment for children and is password protected with access strictly limited to members only.


So, sign up now to The Test Tube. Let your children scare their teachers and amaze their friends with some weird, wacky and wonderful science.

Please note that memberships can start on 1st January, 1st May or 1st September.

Download an application form

Please note: The Test Tube kits are not toys. They are science kits designed for adults and children to experiment together. Their greatest impact comes when parents actively engage with their children and encourage them to communicate their science on the website.

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