What is The Test Tube?

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What is The Test Tube?

Postby Gareth on Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:13 pm

Many young people love science and want to do more!

The Test Tube is an exciting new community for young scientists that allows them to explore, investigate and learn at home. It encourages parents and children to work together on science experiments, learning as they go.

Who is it for?
We have members aged between 8 and 14. The younger ones need support from parents to complete the tasks. At the top of the age range we'd expect young scientists to carry out the practical work themselves, contribute extensively to our forums and really develop their scientific knowledge.

What does it involve?
Every month we send a science kit through the post to all our members. The kit contains the equipment to carry out scientific investigations at home. We also send all our members a weekly electronic magazine (an e-zine) that gives them ideas for more science to do at home, some jokes, news and much more. Members get access to the password protected and moderated area of this website, can tell us how they get on with their kits and ask us questions.

What does it cost?
We ask you to subscribe for a year. On signing up we send you a free kit. We then send 12 more - one per month. Most parents set up a standing order with their bank to pay us £9.75 per month for 12 months. Some are happy to send a cheque for £117 in advance.
Over 52 weeks this works out at £2.25 per week! Less than a glass of wine or a magazine!

Other key points
Some of the equipment can be used in more than one investigation so you will need to keep all the equipment and parts safely. Each of the kits enables you to complete several investigations at home.We don't believe in put it together and forget it kits - ours will make you think! Some investigations will allow you to send your results in to us, and be part of a huge countrywide experiment ...we might even break some records!

A word of warning
Our kits are not toys. They have been carefully checked for safety but children (young ones especially) should use them under adult supervision. The principle we're working towards is that parents and children should do science together at home and enjoy our kits together.

How do we join up?
If you don't have one of our flyers with an application form print it off from here:
Complete the form and mail it to us. We'll send the standing order instruction to your bank and a free kit to the young scientist.
Depending on when you register, your kits will start to be sent in either September, January or May. We are currently still starting memberships for May 2010.
Membership is a great Birthday or Christmas present!

Any questions?
Contact us at info@keystagesolutions.co.uk

And finally
This all adds up to the most exciting scientific experience for young people across the UK. It's new, it happens online and in your home, and you can be part of it starting today!
All that we send you will fit in with what is taught in school.It's a great way to do more with science, and use what you've learnt at school as well.
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