KS3 Science Workshops

These workshops are ideal for groups of KS3 pupils. They involve hands-on problem solving exercises

The Dogs of Barkingham

Many dogs in the little town of Barkingham-on-Ooze have become ill. What can have caused this sickness? Some of the local residents have their own ideas - but how sound are their theories?

Listen to the views of disaffected Bob Acterial:

Could Bob be right? Could it be due to a toxic substrance in the dog food? How could we find out?

In this workshop students consider different theories and carry out practical tests to find what is causing the illness and where it originated from. The final step is to debate how the town might remedy the problem.

Mission Impossible

The same format that we use with teachers and primary pupils. Students must solve a serious of challenges to save the world from nuclear destruction! The difference for KS3 is that the tasks are harder.

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